Sankosha U.S.A, Inc.

For over 75 years, we have developed and manufactured the Ceramic Gas Tube Surge Arrester (Gas Discharge Tube or GDT). Sankosha gas tube arresters protect personnel, equipment and circuitry from abnormally high voltages caused by lightning or electrical transients. Our surge protection devices have well defined surge-limiting characteristics enabling them to spark over (or breakdown) when the abnormal voltage on a line reaches a specific level. When sparkover occurs in the GDT, the surge is redirected to earth. Sankosha’s gas tube arrestors are known for their quality. Throughout the world, products from our factories provide protection for equipment and personnel. Sankosha has been selling gas tube arresters in the U.S. since the seventies and Sankosha U.S.A., Inc., the company’s 100% owned subsidiary, was established in 1987 to better service the growing market in the Americas. Different applications require different surge suppressors and Sankosha provides gas tubes to meet every need.


ADDA is a leader in the electronic thermal management field. For more than eight years ADDA has developed a broad range of products designed to extend the life of electronic components primarily used for the information technology industry.

For thermal solution system, ADDA is recognized as an thermal management expert. ADDA's wide range of products includes CPU cooler modules, blower fans, Dc axial-flow/blower fans and Ac axial-flow fans. Featuring award-winning design, ADDA products meet the rigorous requirements of our customers and users, and are easily modified for varying applications and specifications.

SFI Technology, Inc.

Is established under the spiritual concept of “ Innovation, Services, Quality, and sincerity”. We established on January 2000. SFI produces all series of overvoltage protection including mono-chip, multilayer chip varistor and advanced varistors.

We have a full range of a highly advanced multilayer formation technologies that applies to high density circuit assemblies. Our excellent quality and good service won a very good reputation in the world market from our customers .

Hosonic Electronic Co., Inc.

Hosonic was established in 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan and is now a leading crystal oscillator manufacturer specializing in Crystal clock oscillator, Surface Mount Oscillator, Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators, and Quartz crystal oscillator. With one plant in Taiwan and three plants in China, and over 1,500 employees, Hosonic is constantly striving for new ways to meet their customers’ needs.


Aimtronics ECN Pte Ltd.

Since its inception in 2005, Aimtronics ECN Pte Ltd has established itself as a trusted partner specializing in excellent quality products that gives a very good sourcing and cost reduction solution for power cords and the following moulded cables: S Video, 1394, IR, HDMI, RGB, RCA & AV, RF, USB and DFP cables.


Para Light Corp.,

A leader in the opto-electronic components and lighting solutions worldwide market which includes LED lamps, LED seven segment displays, dot matrix displays, LED light bar, LCD back light, SMD, LED & retrofit lighting.

JATek Electronic Components

JATek Electronic Components has aligned itself with great companies that are well established, have excellent quality process, and very competitive pricing who manufacture the following products:

  • RJ45 Connector, Smart Card Connector
  • Pin Headers
  • Cable Connector
  • RCA Jack, Phone Jack, DC Power Jack, S Jack
  • Power Cord